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Male uniform shirts.

Male uniform shirts are currently being inventoried. Please Contact us for availability.

Male Air Crew Shirts - Long-sleeve white cotton. Epaulet ready.
Item numberDescriptionQuantity availableRental cost
37-6Long-sleeve white cotton pilot shirt. Epaulet ready.
37-6-14RShirt size 14 R1$ 5.00/week
37-6-15.5RShirt size: 15-1/2 R8$ 5.00 each/week
37-6-16RShirt size: 16 R12$ 5.00 each/week
37-6-16TShirt size: 16 Tall1$ 5.00/week
37-6-16.5RShirt size: 16-1/2 R2$ 5.00 each/week
37-6-17RShirt size: 17 R5$ 5.00 each/week
37-6-17.5RShirt size: 17-1/2 R4$ 5.00 each/week
37-6-18.5RShirt size: 18-1/2 R8$ 5.00 each/week
37-6-18.5TShirt size: 18-1/2 Tall3$ 5.00 each/week
37-6-19RShirt size: 19 R3$ 5.00 each/week
37-6-19.5 RShirt size: 19-1/2 R3$ 5.00 each/week
Male Shirts - General information
Available fromLos Angeles, CA
Handling requirements
CleaningShirts must be returned clean and pressed.

Items that are not returned cleaned, will be charged $ 30.00/item.