Wood & Metal Control Surfaces

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Wood rib frame flap and vertical stabilizer.
Light aircraft aluminum wing – Damaged – Cessna, Starboard.

Control Surfaces
Item numberDescriptionQuantity availableDimensionsRental cost

Wood rib frame, flap.125-1/2”w x 93”h x 7-1/2”d$ 50.00/week

Wood rib frame, vertical stabilizer.141”w x 86”h x 5”d$ 50.00/week

Light aircraft aluminum wing. (Mfg: Cessna). Damaged.15’w x 174”h x 8”d$ 75.00/week
Wood & Metal Control Surfaces - General Information
Available fromLos Angeles, CA
Handling requirements
Crew (for Cessna wing)Two people
EquipmentFurniture pads and straps