747-200 Window Walls

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Interior 747-200 window wall panels with working shades. Same style of interior window wall panels used on Air Force One.

Additional interior 747-200 window wall panels are currently being inventoried. Please Contact us for availability.

747-200 Window Walls
Item number


DescriptionLeft porthole 747-200 interior wall panel. As seen on Air Force One with the U.S. Presidential seal.Two-porthole 747-200 interior wall panel.Right porthole 747-200 interior wall panel.
Dimensions39”w x 65” h x 14”d39”w x 65” h x 14”d39”w x 65” h x 14”d
Rental cost$ 250.00 each/week$ 125.00 each/week$ 200.00 each/week
747-200 Window Walls - General Information
Available fromLos Angeles, CA
OptionalU.S. Presidential seal.

Wooden crate on skids for 7 wall panels: 71″w x 45″h x 71″d
Gross weight: 420 lbs.

Handling requirements
EquipmentStraps and furniture pads