Cabin Walls & Windows

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34- Windows_wm
11-4-1 HOL 3 x Cabin walls

Cabin Walls

Airline cabin wall panels mounted in a frame.

34-36 Wall, side - Exterior, 3 Port hole - S2 S3 in crate

Exterior Walls

Exterior two, three, and six-porthole walls.

34-93 Wall, Cabin divide - Rolling, Front

Set Interior Walls

Cabin dividing walls, end walls, and doorways for our “Kit” cabin and “Rolling” cabin sets.

34-91 Wall, 747-400 in crate

Window Walls

One and two-window interior wall panels.

34-35 Sierra window

Windows / Portholes

Cabin windows / portholes.

We are still cataloguing our inventory of Narrow body and Wide body interior cabin walls. If you do not find what you are looking for or you want more information on what we have, please Contact us or call us at (toll free) 888- Mock-Ups (662-5877) or at 818-982-7327 as we may just have it.