General Area Red Signs

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General Area Terminal signage with red lettering or background.

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General area Flat Red Signs
Item numberDescriptionQuantityDimensionsRental cost

Sign, flat – No Parking or Waiting, The White Zone is for the immediate … Red on white foam board.324″w x 36″h$20.00 each/week

Sign, flat – “Restricted Area, Authorized Personnel – Zona Prohibida Personal Autorizado Solament”. White on red plastic.Restricted Area
Authorized Personnel Only
(+ Spanish version)
124″w x 10″h$ 10.00/week

Sign, flat – “Stop, Emergency Exit Only Alarm Will Sound”. Black on gray and red foam boardStop
Emergency Exit Only
Alarm Will Sound
113″w x 16.5″h$ 10.00/week

Sign, flat – “Restricted Area, Passengers Only Beyond This Point”. Black on gray foam (wrinkled).119″w x 11″h$10.00/week

Sign, flat – Icon Hand + “Authorized Persons Only, Personas Authizades Solamente”. White on red plastic.124″w x 6.5″h$ 10.00/week

Sign, flat – “Restricted Area, Trespassing / Loitering Prohibited By Law, All Authorized Personnel Must Display ID Badge Beyond This Point” – Black on white cardboard.218″w x 8″h$ 10.00 each/week
General area Red Signs - General Information
Available fromLos Angeles, CA
Handling requirements
EquipmentFurniture pads