Flight deck – Miracle

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Commercial jet “Miracle” analogue/dial-type instrument Flight Deck and Flight Engineers (FE) station (two parts). Pre-lit and remote-controlled instrument panel lighting. Artificial horizon and vertical speed indicators are practical. This is a supervised set that includes an Aero Mock-Ups Technician.

Flight deck – "Miracle"
Item numberN13-1
Description“Miracle” Analogue Flight deck and Flight Engineers station
Available fromWayne, NJ
Quantity available1
Set up timeAllow 1.5 hours to assemble
Strike time Allow 1 hour to disassemble
Rental cost Please Contact us for pricing
Included3 x N25-1 Flight crew seats with five (5) point seat belts
Crash axe
Portable oxygen bottle
3 x Quick-donning oxygen masks
Control panel
Dimensions – Assembled 9’w x 8’h x 11’3”d
Location requirements
CrewForklift driver and two (2) Grip/Carpenters
Forklift5000-lb capacity – Maximum blade width 5 inches
Electrical20A 120VAC

Flight Crew Seats


Flight engineer’s seat in grey cloth and sheepskin. Seat swivels and raises 4 inches. Includes matching 5-point seat belt.

Flight crew seat – Engineer, tripod (NY)
Item number


FOBWayne, NJ
Rental costIncluded with Cockpit set
Dimension22.5”w x 39 to 43”h x 28”d
Handling Requirements
EquipmentBlanket wraps and straps needed