Los Angeles Facility

Corporate Office
Skyway Stage
Airport Terminal Set – Production Suite
13126 Saticoy St, N. Hollywood, CA 91605
Tel: (818) 982-7327

Commercial Airline Sets
Cockpits, “Rolling” Narrow body and Wide body
13118 Saticoy St

Executive Jet Sets
Lear 60, Rocky and LEJ
13124-B Saticoy St


  • Terminal Set
  • Holding Area / Insert Stage Area
  • Production Suite and Makeup & Wardrobe Rooms


Shooting Stage

The facility is laid out with two shooting bays. A larger area to shoot our Wide body to Jumbo wide body sets and our Storage side area where you can shoot our Narrow body set. The building has two bathrooms, 200 amps of power, limited heating and swamp coolers. Cost of location rental is included with the set rental.


Shooting Stage

Adjacent to our main gate entrance, the executive stage houses our “Lear 60,” “Rocky,” and “LEJ” executive jets. The building has two (2) bathroom and 200 amps of power. Cost of location rental is included with the set rental.

Shooting our airline sets right on the Aero Mock-Ups’ site can save productions time and the unnecessary expense of transporting the set and renting a sound stage. Our sets are customized to suit each production—however, an airline standing set (aka our “Backroom” set – a setup from a previous shoot) is usually available to shoot in at a per hourly rate.



Public access Wi-Fi available in all buildings – No charge.

Property access is for 12 hours/day.

A location permit is required.
Inquire with Film LA.

Facility Services
Forklift with operator
5,000 lb. capacity
$ 250.00/day
Trash collection$ 135.00/bin
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Prices only apply to sets used at Aero Mock-Ups, No. Hollywood.

Third-party Air Conditioning Vendors

Studio Air
(818) 222-4143

LaBrea Air
(310) 258-9100