Los Angeles Facility

Location: 5 miles from Five major roads (101, 405, 118, 210, and 5). Central to Hollywood’s vendors.

Location: Hassle free Airport location. No TSA screening required.

Location: Base camp with production office, Make-up room and holding area.

Corporate Office
Skyway Stage Building
Airport Terminal Set – Production Suite
13126 Saticoy St, N. Hollywood, CA 91605
Tel: (818) 982-7327

Airline Building
Flight deck, “Rolling” Narrow body and Extra Wide body cabins
13118 Saticoy St

Executive Building
Small Private and Mid-Size Executive Jets
13124-B Saticoy St

Parking lot, Gulfstream G3, Fuselage/Jump plane
13118 and 13126 Saticoy St

Skyway Stage


The Skyway stage is set up to represent an airline terminal or it can be used as your Holding Area or as an Insert Stage with a Digital Green Scene and pivot windows.



The facility is laid out with two shooting bays. A larger area to shoot our Wider body sets and our Storage side area where you can shoot in our Narrow body set.



Our executive jet building houses our “Lear 60” and “Rocky” executive sets, and our extensive line of “VIP” seats.


With valuable resources.

Make this your temporary North Hollywood film-friendly home. A safe and discreet property at the hub of seven major roadways that are within five miles.

Aero Mock-Ups is within five miles of seven major roadways in North Hollywood, central to Hollywood’s vendors and comes with parking for over 50 cars. A hassle-free Airport and Airline location with no TSA screening needed.

We will save you time and money – Guaranteed! While shooting at our facility, in our pre-lit airport and airline theme sets, we will offer at no additional cost to you; LED soft lighting, set-related Set Dressing, and Production Gear, when available.

Our sets are customized to suit each production. Let us know how you would like yours set up.

Production Parking

On-site services

On-site services
Electrical power (240v, 3 phase, 200A) for A.C. units
A.C. units supplied by 3rd party vendor (see below).
Forklift with operator
5,000 lb. capacity
$ 250.00/day
LED Large format soft lightingNo charge
Location permitInquire with Film LA.

Production GearNo charge
Printer/Scanner/Copier (Brothers MFC-240C)$25.00/day
Production Suite, Make-Up and Holding area
$ 1,500.00 each/day
$ 2,500.00 both/day
Property access12 hours/day
Public access Wi-Fi available.No charge
Set Dressing – Set appropriateNo charge
Site Clean-Up$750.00
Trash collection$ 135.00/dumpster
To be returned dry-cleaned. Cloth material must be returned clean and pressed.
No charge
Prices are subject to change without notice.
These prices only apply to our No. Hollywood location.

Third-party Air Conditioning Vendors

Studio Air
(818) 222-4143