Telephone Sets

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Airborne telephones that keep you connected to those on-the-ground.

Telephone Sets - Executive
DescriptionQuantityDimensionsRental cost

Executive phone in wood box111-1/4″w x 5-3/4″h x 5-1/4″d$ 130.00/week

Executive phone – Intercom. White plastic23″w x 8-1/2″h x 3″d$ 15.00/week
Telephone Sets - In Seat
DescriptionQuantity availableDimensionsRental cost

34-94 (top)
In-flight passenger phone – AT&T. Practical flush mount212-1/2”w x 4”h x 2-1/2”d$ 40.00 each/week

34-94-1 (bottom)
In-flight passenger phone – AT&T. Static flush mount.2511-3/4”w x 3-1/8” h x 3/4”d$ 20.00 each/week

In-flight passenger telephone – GTE. Practical flush mount2211”w x 3.5” h x 1.5”d$ 40.00/week

In-flight passenger telephone – GTE. Static flush mount.1611”w x 3.5” h x 0.75”d$ 20.00/week
Telephone Sets - Wall mount
DescriptionQuantityDimensionsRental cost

In-flight passenger telephone – GTE. Practical flush mount18-1/2”w x 16” h x 4-1/4”d$ 60.00/week

Practical in-flight passenger telephone – GTE. Wall mount.711”w x 3-1/2” h x 1-1/2”d$ 40.00 each/week

Telephone Sets - General Information
Available fromLos Angeles, CA