Pay Phones & Booths

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32-162 Pay phone
32-163 Dual pay phone station
32-184 Pay phone kiosk
32-185 Pay phone column

Public phones and phone kiosk.

Pay Phone
Item number
DescriptionWall-mounted, Coin operated Public Pay Phone with digital key pad.
Dimensions / weight8″w x 21.5″h x 9.5″d
Rental cost$30.00 each/week
Pay Phone Kiosks
Item number


DescriptionWall mount Public Phone booth, 2 person.Pay phone-ready kiosk in an aluminum wrap column. Aluminum-wrapped column.
Matches Pay Telephone Kiosk (32-184).
Dimensions / weight48.25″w x 35.25″h x 12″d97”h x 20” diameter97”h x 20” diameter
Rental cost$45.00/weekIndividually: $75.00/week
Set of 6: $400.00/week
Individually: $ 60.00/week
Set of 4: $ 200.00/week
OptionalPay phonesPay phones
Pay Phones & Booths - General Information
Available fromLos Angeles, CA
Handling requirements
CrewTwo people
EquipmentFurniture pads, dollies and straps