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Metal and plastic airline name badges, security badges, and ID badges.

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Name badges - Gold & Silver Metal
Item numberDescriptionQuantity availableRental cost

37-11 and 37-12
Metal engraved name badges.
37-11-1Badge, Gold – D. Fleming1$ 1.00/week
37-11-2Badge, Gold – Driscoll1$ 1.00/week
37-11-3Badge, Gold – Ghyson1$ 1.00/week
37-11-4Badge, Gold – Jones1$ 1.00/week
37-11-5Badge, Gold – Logan1$ 1.00/week
37-11-6Badge, Gold – Maples1$ 1.00/week
37-11-7Badge, Gold – Marx1$ 1.00/week
37-11-8Badge, Gold – R. Lowre1$ 1.00/week
37-11-9Badge, Gold – Sherman1$ 1.00/week
37-11-10Badge, Gold – Yamada1$ 1.00/week
37-11-11Badge, Gold – Zembraski1$ 1.00/week
37-12-1Badge, Silver – Andrew1$ 1.00/week
37-12-2Badge, Silver – Dave1$ 1.00/week
37-12-3Badge, Silver – Girard1$ 1.00/week
37-12-4Badge, Silver – S. Haynie
1$ 1.00/week
Name Badges - Plastic
Item numberDescriptionQuantity availableRental cost

Plastic name badges with Quest Airlines logo.Lot of 50$ 10.00 Lot/week

Plastic name badges with CEO Air logo.Lot of 10$ 5.00 Lot/week

Plastic engraved name badges with SouthernMost logo.Lot of 4$ 2.00 Lot/week
Badges - ID / Security
Item numberDescriptionQuantity availableRental cost

ID / Security badgesLot of 19$ 5.00 Lot/week
Badges - General Information
Available fromLos Angeles, CA