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Basecamp – 13118, 13124-B and 13126 Saticoy Street adjoining parking lots at Aero Mock-Ups. The lot is within five miles of seven major roadways in North Hollywood, CA. Lot can accommodate over 50 cars, and is set back from the main road for added security.

Lot can be used to film our GIII set, Cargo/jump plane or you can come in and bring your own set.

One restroom and several Edison outlets are available in the lit parking lot.

Optional Production suite / Hair-Makeup room / Wardrobe room and Holding areas are available upon request.

Rental cost: $ 1,500.00 per day.

Aero Mock-Ups Parking

Parking is allocated to the building the Set is housed in and which Production has leased.
Basecamp has full parking lot access.

See site map below.

Mid-axle trailers are not to exit through the Middle or East gates.

Off-Lot Parking

McGalliard & McGalliard Partnership
On site 13124-A Saticoy St
T: (661) 825-3555
Ask for Robert McGalliard.
5 parking spaces next to our West perimeter gate.

Studio and Editorial Services
On site 13110-C Saticoy St
T: (818) 383-0273
Ask for Tim Connelly.
End unit down East driveway.
11 parking spaces.

Life 150 Church
7624 Varna Ave., North Hollywood, CA 91605
T: (818) 371-3595
0.4 miles Northwest of AMU.

Saticoy Elementary School
7850 Ethel Ave
T: (818) 765-0783
Ask for Larry Bye.
0.5 miles Northeast of AMU.
Available on weekends and School break.

Note: Off-lot parking information subject to change.

Munchyan Sisters Dance Studio
On site 13122 Saticoy St
T: (818) 933-1892
Ask for Alik.
Corner unit along West driveway.
10 parking spaces.

LA County DPW Tujunga Wash
13445 Saticoy St.
(Tujunga Wash Lot 0.25 mi East of Aero Mock-Ups).
Parking for 300+ cars.
Ask for Eda Garcia – DPW Permit Coordinator
O: (626) 458-3129 / F: (626) 576-7739

Note: A five-day turnaround needed for approval
1st day – $1,290, additional days – $71.

Valley Plaza Recreation Center
7078 Whitsett Ave., North Hollywood, CA 91605
T: (323) 644-6220 – Film office
0.9 miles South of AMU.
For Parking:
Up to 15 vehicles: $100/day
16+ vehicles: $300/day
Monitor (required to open and close): min 4 hrs @ $38/hr
Report fee: $76
For Basecamp:
Monitor required all day: $38/hour
Report fee: $76