Doors & Frames

Practical, “Plug” type and Hatch doors. Main entry doors, Pre- and Post-911 Flight deck doors, Overwing exits, Cockpit & Lavatory doors and frames.

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14-16 Door closed with AI jumpseats
14-16 Door- Main entry - Closed interior

Main Entry Doors

Functional and “Plug”- type Entry doors.

14-39 Door & frame, Cockpit - A310 cabin view

Flight Deck Doors

Flight deck doors ranging from Pre-911, Post-911, and contemporary styles.

14-7 Emergency Overwing Exit - 737 BC

Overwing Emergency Exits

Functional overwing emergency exit door trainer/sets.

14-29R - Lavatory Door & wall - Right

Lavatory Doors

Practical and static Lavatory door theatrical flats.

34-107 - Door, Hatch - KC135

Hatches & Handles

Emergency / Escape hatches and Handles.

Cockpit Door - Large Exec Jet

Cockpit Doors

Cockpit door and bulkhead wall for Large Executive Jet.