Rolling Cabin – 30’-Long Jumbo Wide Body Cabin

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11-1 30 J

“Rolling” Airline cabin: 30’-long, two-aisle Jumbo Wide body airline cabin with your choice of 10 rows of Coach class seats or 7 rows of Business class or First class seats. The set rides on a 10″-high caster deck. Cabin features passenger-controlled overhead bins, window shades, reading lights, and flight attendant call light. LED ceiling and wall-wash lights. Oxygen mask drop, ‘Fasten seat belt’ and ‘No smoking’ signs are controlled off-set. This is a supervised set that includes an Aero Mock-Ups Technician.

"Rolling" Cabin - 30’-Long Jumbo Wide Body
Item number11-1 30 J
Description“Rolling” Airline cabin: 30 ft. long two aisle pre-lit Jumbo wide body
Set up timeAllow 1.5 days to assemble
Strike timeAllow 9 hours to disassemble
IncludedYour choice of 10 rows of Coach class
7 rows of Business class or First class seats
4 rows of Lay flat seats
Ceilings, center overhead bins, chain hoists, bulkhead walls, curtain doorways, carpet and set appropriate set dressing
Available fromLos Angeles or shoot at our facility in N. Hollywood, CA
Quantity available40’ long
Dimensions23′-4″w x 10’h x 30’d
SpecificationsPassenger-controlled reading light, Flight attendant call button, overhead bin door and window shade.
Fasten Seat Belt – No Smoking sign activation and Oxygen mask deployment (Production to provide a regulated compressed air source) controlled off-set.
Dimmable MacTech Tungsten LED ceiling and wall-wash lights.
Rental costPlease Contact us for pricing
Location requirements
CrewForklift driver and Teamsters to unload and reload the set as well as 4 Grip, 2 Carpenters, and 2 Set Dressers to setup and strike the set.
Equipment5,000-lb capacity Forklift – Maximum 5-inch blade width or 7′-long extensions.
Electrical120 VAC 20 A and Variac transformers to dim lights.
RiggingStage grid suitable to hang Center Overhead bins and ceiling.

Choices of Appropriate Set Dressings (Included) *

* Includes a complement of set-appropriate Set Dressing. Numbers and types of Seats and Set Dressing dependent on size of set and availability.

Optional Equipment **

** Optional equipment may require additional setup time, strike time, and/or an additional Technical Supervisor.