Forward Entry Doors – A310

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14-16 Passenger entrance
14-17 Service entrance

Forward Passenger and Service entrances – A310: Frame and practical door.

Passenger & Service Doors - A310
Item number14-1614-17
DescriptionForward Passenger entry – L1 (A310): Frame and practical doorForward Service entry – R1 (A310): Frame and practical door
IncludedBull horn, 2 flashlights and 1 PA / Intercom
Dimensions57″w x 9’h x 48″d
2500 pounds
Passenger & Service Doors - A310 - General Information
Set up timeAllow 1 day to assemble each door
Strike timeAllow 1 hour to disassemble each door
Available from Los Angeles, CA
Quantity available1 each
Optional equipment“Kit” cabin sets
Handling requirements
Landing site16.5″ High deck needs to be built around floor height of door and frame.
CrewForklift driver and two (2) Grip / Carpenters
EquipmentStakebed truck, Forklift, Straps, and dollies