Forward Entry Doors – A310

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14-16 Passenger entrance
14-17 Service entrance

Forward Passenger and Service entrances – A310: Frame and practical door.

Passenger & Service Doors - A310
Item number14-1614-17
DescriptionForward Passenger entry – L1 (A310): Frame and practical doorForward Service entry – R1 (A310): Frame and practical door
IncludedBull horn, 2 flashlights and 1 PA / Intercom
Dimensions57″w x 9’h x 48″d
2500 pounds
Passenger & Service Doors - A310 - General Information
Set up timeAllow 1 day to assemble each door
Strike timeAllow 1 hour to disassemble each door
Available from Los Angeles, CA
Quantity available1 each
Rental Cost$ 2,400.00 each/week
Optional equipment“Kit” cabin sets
Handling requirements
Landing site16.5″ High deck needs to be built around floor height of door and frame.
CrewForklift driver and two (2) Grip / Carpenters
EquipmentStakebed truck, Forklift, Straps, and dollies