Sets & FX

Project: See the Light feat. Jennifer Garner (Commercial – Capital One Venture Card)

Our Narrow body kit rigged to wild out the cabin panels and overhead bins for the Capital One Venture Card “See the Light” commercial with Jennifer Garner.

View the commercial.

Aero Mock-Ups welcomes ideas on how to add drama to your scene. From a simple turbulent bump to an imminent dangerous situation, our knowledgeable staff can help you secure our equipment from a simple block and lever, or a customized gimbal.  We know what it takes to crash on cue.

Project: Day After Tomorrow (Feature)

50′ long Narrow body set mounted a motion base platform.

Day After Tomorrow

Project: Medium (Television)

Some of our sets have played other character roles such as a frosted-over cabin and cockpit in “The Ghost Whisper”, a submerged cabin in “Bay Watch”, an ice skating rink in “Dude What Will Happen” or topless, with the entire ceiling and center overhead bins removed so that an overhead panning shot down the entire cabin could be accomplished in “Thank You For Smoking”.

Project: Ghost Whisperer (Television)

With prior knowledge and with our written consent, our Aviation sets, Seats and Set Dressing items can be modified.

Our “Rolling” and “Kit” cabin sets are pre-rigged to deploy oxygen masks, and illuminate “Fasten Seat Belt” and”No Smoking” signs on cue.  Let us know how we can help you, Contact us.