Rocky – Executive Jet, Mid-Size

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P/n: 12-31

“Rocky,” a Mid-size Executive Jet set, consists of forward cockpit door and wall, 18’-long cabin, and end walls with doors. LED lighting are featured along cabin walls. Oxygen mask drop available. This is a supervised set that requires an Aero Mock-Ups Technical Supervisor.

“Rocky” – Executive Jet, Mid-Size
Part number12-31
Set up timeAllow 5 hours to assemble
Strike timeAllow 3 hours to disassemble
Available fromLos Angeles or shoot at our facility in N. Hollywood, CA
Quantity available1
IncludedOne 3-across sofa, up to six “Low Back” swivel executive seats, one coffee table and two end tables. Bulkhead walls and doors.
Set-appropriate set dressing.
Dimensions10’-10”w x 7’-9”h x 18’-6”d
SpecificationsOxygen mask deployment off-set.
Incandescent ceiling light cans and dimmable MacTech Tungsten LED wall-wash lights.
OptionalCockpit – DC9
Location requirements
CrewForklift driver and Teamsters to unload and reload the set as well as 3 Grip/Carpenters to set up and strike.
Equipment5,000-lb capacity Forklift – Maximum 5-inch blade width or 7′-long extensions.
Covered and secured storage for Set and Seat carts.
Electrical120 VAC 20 A and Variac transformers to dim lights.