Executive Jet Sets

Executive/Private jet sets, range in size from small private jets to a jet as large as Air Force One (see Custom sets).  Our Small Private Jet (SEJ) Lear 60XR can accommodate seven passenger, Mid-size Corporate Jet (MEJ) can seat 7-10 passengers, while our Large Executive Jets (LEJ) have enough room for your entire entourage. Set-appropriate set dressing included with rental. These are supervised sets that include an Aero Mock-Ups Technical Supervisor.

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G3 nose and AMU

Learjet 60 fwd club chairs, sofa and cockpit

Small Private Jet (SEJ)

Small Private / Personal jet cabin interiors similar to a Learjet or Citation Jet that can accommodate up to seven passengers.

12-31 Rocky - Cabin

Mid-Size Executive Jet (MEJ)

Mid-size Executive Jet cabins are the size of a Gulfstream.  A cabin that can accommodate up to ten passengers.

11-1 20 LEJ - Playboy

Large Corporate Jet (LEJ)

Large Corporate jet cabin interiors are similar in size to a one-aisle commercial aircraft. Large enough for your entourage.