Set Lighting

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MacTech LED Lighting Product Line

Designed by professionals for professionals. MacTech LED provides high quality, high efficiency, large format production lighting. All of the Mac Tech products have been tested in production environments. Aero Mock-Ups provides the Mac Tech product line that includes LED Sleds, Notebooks, Slim Line, Soft Boxes, China Lights, Ladder Lights, and the Artist Series. LED is a budget and environment friendly lighting choice for your production.

Mac Tech fixtures use 3200K (Tungsten) and 5600k (Daylight) tubes that produce a bright light with a high CRI 93 index (Color Rendering Index). The energy-efficient lighting produces virtually no heat, uses less power and cost less to operate. Tubes are dimmable (between 30% to 70%) with a dimmer/variac.

Our Airport terminal, commercial “Kit” Cabin and “Rolling” Cabin sets come prelit with MacTech LED tubes.

For productions shooting at Aero Mock-Ups’ North Hollywood studio, we offer our MacTech LED lighting complimentary with set/facility rental. Our line of MacTech LED lighting is also available to rent for off-lot productions.

Soft Boxes, Ladder Lights, Dimmer/Variac and accessories are currently being inventoried. Please Contact us for availability.

MacTech-open notebook

1-Foot LED Tubes


2-Foot LED Tubes

MacTech 960LS

4-Foot LED Tubes

MacTech Artist Series 300D Daylight (5500k)

Flat LED Panels

Mole-Richardson Folding Crank-up Litewate Stand

Light Stands