• By air, land or sea, our sets will travel.

    At WB Studios
  • AMU set loaded onto plane
  • Air Head_terminal
  • Air Head - Security area a
  • 15-1 Skyway - Arches NW - 14
  • 15-1 Skyway - TSA & Gate -13
  • Birthday party
  • Lufthansa Private Jet Event Setup
  • 5-ft wide camera port
  • Kit 14' NB Wall and side bin wild
  • 11-2 KEWB 28 - 10x3-3-3 KLM - Alvin 3
  • 13-3G 747 - panel lighting
  • Day After Tomorrow
  • 11-1 JWB 40 - 4-3-4x2-2-2 Tombo + CC - Spec Savers

Aero Mock-Ups airline sets and equipment have traveled the world. Showing up to work could mean a shoot at our facility in North Hollywood, CA, or one that you choose, even if that choice is a bank vault, freight elevator, or a parking lot by the beach.

Airbourne Music Video Shoot @ AMU

Los Angeles

We will save you time and money when you shoot with us in North Hollywood – Guaranteed!

When renting any of our pre-lit camera-ready sets at our facilities in N. Hollywood, CA. We will provide, upon request, and at no extra charge; set-appropriate set dressing, lighting, generators, portable AC and heater units, folding chairs, tables, and canopies that your production may need. You will save time by not having to send your people out to pick up and return these items.
Let us know if we can be of further service to you.

Coach Seat "767" New York


Since 1997, Aero Mock-Ups has been a local film partner, supplying realistic sets to production companies throughout the New York “Five Boroughs”, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

Over 700 airline product lines are freely available upon request from our Los Angeles facility to enhance your set.

At WB Studios
AMU set loaded onto plane

Your Location

We understand the need to get airline sets to locations – wherever they may be.

By air, land or sea, our sets will travel.