Cabin Wall – Kit

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Four-porthole “Kit” wall panels with practical window shades, mounted in a metal frame.

Cabin Wall - "Kit"
Item number
DescriptionFour-porthole “Kit” Cabin wall with window shades. Mounted in a metal frame.
Quantity available22
Dimensions84″w x 66″h x 17″
110 Lbs.
Rental cost$ 750.00 each/week
Cabin Wall - "Kit" - General Information
Available fromLos Angeles, CA
Optional EquipmentAirline passenger seats
VIP/Executive seats
Cabin details
Passenger comfort
Location / Handling requirementsWall may topple if not screwed to a wood floor or stage braced.
CrewTwo Carpenters
EquipmentStake bed truck or similar, shipping blankets and straps