Check-In / Ticketing Blue Signs

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Check-In / Ticketing Area signage with blue lettering or background.

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Check-In / Ticketing Blue Signs
Item numberDescriptionQuantity AvailableDimensionsRental cost

Sign, flat – Express Check In. White on blue plastic.170.5″w x 24″h$ 15.00/week

Sign, flat – “Transportation Of Firearms and Inspection of Checked Baggage…”. White on black with Plexiglas cover.161″w x 8.25″h$ 20.00/week

Sign, flat – “Advice To Passengers. Public Inspection of Tariffs…”. Gray on navy plastic. Complete122.75″w x 6.5″h$ 20.00/week

Sign, flat – “Advice To Passengers. Limitation of Liability…”. Gray on navy fiberboard. Incomplete.116.5″w x 6″h$ 10.00/week

Sign, flat – “Check in” with arrows. White on blue plastic.17″w x 11″h$ 10.00/week
Check-In / Ticketing Blue Signs - General Information
Available fromLos Angeles, CA
Handling requirements
EquipmentFurniture pads and Straps.