Learjet 60XR – Small Executive Jet (SEJ)

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Built by the aircraft manufacture to accurately simulate the production version of the Learjet 60XR Small Private Jet cabin interior.  Set accommodates 7 passengers in a well appointed modern cabin interior. This set does not wild-out. This is a supervised set that includes an Aero Mock-Ups Technician.

Learjet 60XR – Executive Jet, Small
Item number12-22-1
DescriptionLear 60XR Cabin
Set up timeAllow 1 hour
Strike timeAllow 1 hour
IncludedFour club-facing seats with side wall tables, three-place sofa, forward bulkhead wall/cabinets, refreshment center/bar, rear lavatory, and rear cargo compartment with camera port.
Set-appropriate set dressing.
Available from Los Angeles or shoot at our facility in N. Hollywood, CA.
Quantity available1
Dimensions6′-6″w x 8′-1/2″h x 17′-9″d
5788 lbs.
SpecificationsFunctional forward and aft cabin monitors with DVD/CD playback and/or in-flight moving map functions, and passenger touch-screen audio and LED lighting controls.
Rental costPlease Contact us for pricing
OptionalLear 60XR Cockpit
Location Requirements
Crew2 Forklift drivers and Teamsters to unload and reload the set as well as 3 Grip/Carpenters to set up and strike.
EquipmentTwo (2) 5,000-lb capacity forklifts.
Electrical120 VAC 20 A

This set is the likeness of the Bombardier Learjet 60XR. To acquire Product Placement, flying footage or ground shots of the actual aircraft, please contact Marked Entertainment, LLC. Tel: (323) 920-0023. www.markedentertainment.com.