Kit Cabin – 56’-Long, One-Side Cabin

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11-2 S 56 Starboard side
11-2 P 56 Port side

“Kit” Airline cabin: 56′-long, One-Side (Port or Starboard) cabin with either 19 rows of Coach class seats or a combination of Coach class with up to 7 rows of Business class or First class seats. Passenger-controlled overhead bins, window shades, reading lights, and flight attendant call light. LED cabin wall-wash lights. Oxygen mask drop, ‘Fasten seat belt’ and ‘No smoking’ signs are controlled off-set. Ceiling is optional. This is a supervised set that includes an Aero Mock-Ups Technician.

"Kit" Cabin – 56’-Long, One-Side
Item number11-2 S 5611-2 P 56
DescriptionAirline “Kit” cabin: 56ft. long one side, Starboard with your choice of seats. Includes bulkhead wall & curtain doorway. No ceiling. (K2T1/41)Airline “Kit” cabin: 56ft. long one side, Port with your choice of seats. Includes bulkhead wall & curtain doorway. No ceiling. (K2T1/41)
Quantity available11
"Kit" Cabin – 56’-Long, One-Side - General Information
Set up timeAllow 6 hours to assemble
Strike timeAllow 4 hour to disassemble
IncludedYour choice of 19 rows of Coach class seats
combination of Business/First class and Coach seats
Bulkhead walls, curtain doorways and set appropriate set dressing
Available fromLos Angeles, CA
Quantity available70′ long Port or Starboard side
Dimensions4′-2″W x 6′-11″H x 56’L
SpecificationsPassenger-controlled reading light, Flight attendant call button, overhead bin door and window shade
Fasten Seat Belt – No Smoking sign activation and Oxygen mask deployment controlled off-set
Dimmable MacTech Tungsten LED wall-wash and ceiling lights
Optional EquipmentCeiling will require a ceiling grid to attach to.
Rental costPlease Contact us for pricing
Location requirements
Landing site preparationWood stage floor or 8′ W x 56′ L x 1.5″ D plywood wood floor (a double layer of 4′ x 8′ x 0.75″ plywood screwed together (using 1-3/8″ screws, 12″ apart along the outer edge), one layer run off-set & perpendicular to the other, so as to not have the joints line up) and carpet
CrewForklift driver and Teamsters to unload and reload the set as well as 2 Grip/Carpenters to set up and strike
Equipment7,000-lb capacity Forklift.
Covered and secured storage for Set and Seat carts
Electrical120 VAC 20 A and a Dimmer / Variac transformer to dim lights

Choices of Appropriate Set Dressings (Included) *

* Includes a complement of set-appropriate Set Dressing. Numbers and types of Seats and Set Dressing dependent on size of set and availability.

Optional Equipment **

** Optional equipment may require additional setup time, strike time, and/or an additional Technical Supervisor.