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Aero Mock-Ups Since 1988

Aero Mock-Ups supplies realistic and camera-ready cockpits and aircraft cabin interiors (ranging from small commuter, private executive jets to Jumbo jets) to the entertainment industry. Located in the heart of the motion picture capital, we offer a film-friendly, secure and professional environment where you can shoot your travel scenes in comfort. Our Skyway Stage houses an Airport Terminal set featuring LED lit Green Screen or airport backdrop, and wall wash-lighting. Two other separate buildings house our commercial airline sets and VIP / Private jet mock-ups. With easy freeway access, our facility has a production suite, make-up and wardrobe/fitting rooms, restrooms, ample parking, and complimentary LED MacTech lighting package, as well as pop-up tents, folding chairs and tables for 100 people. Our standing sets are modular and can be transported to your location site or sound stage anywhere in the world.

We are the largest rental house for aviation seating, sets and props. Our inventory includes twenty-five styles of coach, business, and first-class seats, (including the “Lay-flat” seat), fourteen styles of VIP / executive seats and couches, and twenty-one types of crew seats, as well as regional and international airport seating.

To add realism to your sets, Aero Mock-Ups includes set-related set dressing at no extra charge. Take advantage of over 1000 products that relate to the cockpit, galley, lavatory, and cabin. With another 350 line items to cover the terminal (check-in, security areas, boarding area, baggage claim, customs and immigration), you are likely to spend some time on this site.

At Aero Mock-Ups, we continuously strive to meet the market needs by developing products that aid productions with our time-saving practices and effective use of equipment to cut cost. This means that we are constantly replacing our mock-ups and introducing new seats and set dressing.

For over 30 years, Aero Mock-Ups has served over 100 production companies each year. With storage properties on both coasts, and the largest inventory of ready-to-use airline cabins and props, we are proud to remain the leading supplier of aviation interiors to Hollywood.

In appreciation of our continual success, we wish to thank all those we have had the pleasure of working with, while looking forward to the next production when we can work together again. If you have not yet tried our reliable service or filmed in one of our authentic airline sets, we trust that you will call on us and experience firsthand the satisfaction and pleasure of working with Aero Mock-Ups.

Aero Mock-Ups Mission Statement
The Aero Mock-Ups crew of aviation and entertainment industry specialists is committed to providing innovative, top-quality, realistic airline interior mock-ups for the entertainment and aerospace industries. With integrity and passion for aviation as the creative force, Aero Mock-Ups’ philosophy is to always strive for the highest standards of excellence in product and service.

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