Galley, Center – 6 Carts, 4 Ovens, 4 H20

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Center galley – 6 Carts, 4 Ovens, 4 Hot water makers, 5 Storage lockers, 2 Hot water jugs.
Recommended use in a Jumbo Wide Body cabin with a center row of four across Coach/Economy class seats or three across Business class seats.

Galley, Center – 6 Carts, 4 Ovens, 4 Hot Water makers
Item number14-33
DescriptionCenter galley – 6 service carts, 4 ovens, 4 hot water makers
Included4 usable Service carts, 2 Hot water jugs and 2 Lockers.
Available fromLos Angeles or shoot at our facility in N. Hollywood, CA
Quantity available1
Dimensions93”w x 84”h x 39”d
Weight lbs.
Rental cost$2,250/week
OptionalMeal trays
Service cart draws
Location requirements
CrewForklift driver, two (2) Set Dressers
EquipmentForklift to unload, position and reload.
Straps and furniture pads needed