Service Carts

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Multiple service carts in different styles and sizes – Extra wide and modified carts, Standard and Half size airline serving cart.

Half Carts
DescriptionQuantityShelf widthDimensionsRental cost

Service cart, Half – machined door panel.

Contemporary half service cart that can accommodate 15 serving trays or 7 drawers.

710-7/8″ wide12″w x 40-1/2″h x 16″d$ 75.00 each/week

Service Cart, Half – Foot brake, Blue mottle.

Can accommodate 7 draws or 15 trays.

Missing tray front lip.

110-7/8″ wide11-7/8″w x 40-1/4″h x 15-3/4″d$ 50.00/week
Standard Service Cart - Foot Brake
DescriptionQuantityShelf widthDimensionsRental cost

Service Cart, Standard – Foot brake, Blue mottle.

Pull out tray. Can accommodate 30 serving trays or 14 Standard drawers.

110-7/8″ wide$ 50.00/week
Standard Service Cart - Hand brake
DescriptionQuantityShelf widthDimensionsRental cost

Service Cart, Standard – Hand brake, 4 doors -Gray.1$ 50.00/week

Service Cart, Standard – Hand brake, 4 doors – Wood grain.$ 50.00 each/week
Service Carts - General Information
Available fromLos Angeles, CA
OptionalService Drawers
Handling requirements
EquipmentFurniture pads and straps

We are still cataloging our inventory of airline carts. If you do not find what you are looking for, please Contact us or call us at (toll free) 888-Mock-Ups (662-5877) or at 818-982-7327 as we may just have it.