Overhead Bins & Ceilings

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Airline cabin ceilings, side and center overhead luggage bins.

Ceilings and cabin overhead bins are currently being inventoried. Please Contact us for availability.

Side Overhead Bins
Item numberDescriptionQuantity availableDimensions / WeightRental cost

Side Overhead bin, Backless – 5′ wide1$ 300.00/week
34-41Side overhead bin, “Rolling” – 46″ wide with 14″ x 14″ Camera port. 145-3/4″w x 21-1/2″h x 25-1/2″d$ 300.00/week

Side overhead bin, “Rolling” – 5′.
Condition: Abandoned
85’w x 21-1/2″h x 25-1/2″d$ 75.00/week

Side overhead bin, “Rolling” – 10′, with Passenger Service Units.
Condition: Worn
610’w x 21.5″h x 25-1/2″d$ 600.00 each/week

Side overhead bin, “Rolling” – 10′. Condition: Worn – Tired210’w x 21.5″h x 25-1/2″d$ 180.00 each/week

Side Overhead Locker – 747 Large capacity – No PSU
6$ 75.00/week
34-53Bin, Side Overhead – 10′ long, drop down luggage bucket5$ 200.00 each/week

34-111-10 A
Bin, Center Overhead – 10′ long “Rolling”, with overhead lights
6$ 400.00 each/week

34-111-34 B
Bin, Center Overhead – 34′ long “Rolling”, Core1$ 500.00/week
34-111-BucketLuggage Bucket / Bin door, Center overhead – “Rolling”$ 25.00 each/week
Overhead Bins - General Information
Available fromLos Angeles, CA
Handling requirements
CrewTwo People
EquipmentFurniture pads and Straps