Capital One commercial with footage of how the set wilded out.

Duracell “Headphones,” shot at our North Hollywood location, uses our 30′ Narrow Body “Rolling” Cabin Set with Coach “KLM” Seats, Service Area, and Set Dressing.
Capital One “This is March Madness: Ringtone featuring Gloria Gaynor” highlights our Wide body cabin set with Business class “KLM” Seats with Monitors.
GEICO “First Class to Coach” features our Extra Wide body cabin set with First class “Tombo” and Coach “KLM” Seats.
American Express “Salad Bargaining featuring Tina Fey” highlights our Coach “KLM” Seats with Monitors.
IBM Cloud features our “G3” Mid-size Executive Jet

Commercial Credits

Our airline mock-ups and set dressing have been used in Commericials for the following clients:

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