Your Location

We understand the need to get airline sets to locations – wherever they may be.

By air, land or sea, our sets will travel.

P/n: 14-11+ Show: “Me, Myself & Irene” (Feature)

10’-long exterior wall section and interior cabin section (discontinued) mounted on a scissor lift in a meadow.

AMU set loaded onto plane

P/n: 14-11 Show: “Addicted to Love” (Feature)

Shipped from LA, delivered to NY and camera-ready in 22 hours.  A 40’-long, one-aisle Narrow body cabin interior and two 10’-long exterior wall sections were air freighted to make the schedule for the last day of shoot of “Addicted to Love.”

P/n:  N14-1 Show:  “Siemens” (Commercial)

A 10’-long Service area (S1) with main entryway, lavatory and galley setup by the beach.

"Noble Son" WB set

P/n: 20 OS WB Show: “Nobel Son” (Feature)

A 20’-long, one side, two aisle Wide body cabin set up under a tent in a parking lot.

Children at Traveling Museum

P/n: 14-4  Show:  “TSM – Travelling Space Museum” (Event)

Our 7’-long “Set in A Box” set up in a classroom for “Space Day” a TSM – Travelling Space Museum event.

Lufthansa Private Jet Event Setup

P/n: 12-3 OS Show: “Lufthansa – Private Jet” (Event)

One side of our MEJ (Mid size Executive Jet) “Rocky” set on a golf course in Carmel, CA, for “Lufthansa – Private Jet” exhibit.

P/n: 20 OS Show: “Asahi” (Commercial)

A 20’-long, one side cabin set sits ready to shoot an “Asahi Beer” commercial under the Air Train at JFK.

The most challenging  jobs are the most fun for the professionals at Aero Mock-Ups. Doing the out-of-the-ordinary keeps our job interesting.

Other jobs we have done are:

  • set up a cabin in a freight elevator so that party goers could travel from the ground floor to the upper floors of a travel-themed Bar Mitzvah
  • removed doors and dismantled sets to get them to fit into buildings
  • strapped a set to a scissor lift in a field.

No job is too small or too difficult.

Our equipment has travelled extensively throughout North America, Canada, and Hawaii, with visits to Thailand, Japan and Germany.

Call us with your requirements, and we will be glad to join with you to create movie magic.