Lavatory Cubicles

Center Lavatory – A unit with all straight walls
Side Lavatory – A unit that has one curve wall
Camera Port – A part of the orignal wall has been cut out to allow camera access
Wild Walls – An entire wall is removed for greater access to the set

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14-44 Lavatory, wild - Center (NS), sink and vanity c
14-44 Lavatory, wild - Center (NS), sink and vanity c

Lavatory, Center – Wild & Wide


Wild and Wide Center Lavatory unit mockup – “NS”.

14-14L Lavatory (NW) - Interior

Lavatory, Center – Corian

14-46R Hinge right, camera port and controller
14-45R Hinge right mockup
14-14L Hinge left cubicle

Center Lavatories with Corian vanities.

14-15 Lavatory, Wild center - Sink & vanity

Lavatory, Center – Stainless

14-15R Wild wall and Camera port, hinge right
14-51R Cubicle, hinge right
14-50L Cubicle, hinge left

Center lavatory units with Stainless steel vanities.

14-13 Wild lav - interior

Lavatory, Side – Wild & Wide


Wide, Side wall lavatory unit with a Stainless steel vanity. Walls and ceiling wild-out for camera access.