S3 Service Area

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“S3” Service Area (2 parts) – Practical main entry door, practical service door, Cabin Crew station with double/ two-across wall-mount jump seat and lit control panel/PA system, finished lavatory interior, two facing galley units with coffeemakers and service carts, closet and ceiling on 10” caster deck. This set includes an Aero Mock-Ups Technician. Compatible with “Rolling” cabin set.

"S3" Service Area
Item number14-3
Description10′ long “S3” Service area (2 parts) – Practical doors, Lavatory, Galley, Cabin Crew station, Closet and Ceiling.
Set up timeAllow 1.5 hours to assemble
Strike timeAllow 1 hour to disassemble
IncludedCockpit door, curtain doorway or wall-mounted rear flight attendant jump seats are available depending on your placement of this unit and the cabin.
Available upon request: Set-related Set Dressing
Available from Los Angeles or shoot at our facility in N. Hollywood, CA
Quantity available1
DimensionsNarrow body 14’1”w x 8’3”h x 10’d
Special featuresPractical Main Entry and Service doors. Side-by-side Flight attendant jump seat, illuminated Flight attendant call station/PA system, finished Lavatory, garment closet, two Galleys with 6 Service carts, and two illuminated coffee makers with stainless steel coffee pots.
Rental CostPlease Contact us for pricing
OptionsCan be configured as a two (2)-aisle service area with added flooring and Galley units.
Compatible with the “Rolling” cabin set.
Location requirements
CrewForklift driver and Teamsters to unload and reload the set as well as 2 Grip/Carpenters to set up and strike
Equipment5,000-lb capacity forklift – maximum 5-inch blade width or 7′-long extensions
Electrical120 VAC 20 A

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