Airline Set in a Box – Kit

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Airline “Set in a Box” – Kit: 7′-Long airline cabin walls, one side, 4 port holes with practical window shades, bulkhead wall/box lid, carpet and your choice of seats-either 3 rows of Coach class seats or 2 rows of Business/First class seats or 2 VIP seats. Seats shipped separately.

Airline “Set in a Box" - Kit
Item number14-5
DescriptionSet In A Box – Kit, 4-port hole airline cabin wall
Set up timeAllow 30 minutes to assemble
IncludedYour choice of seats 3 rows of Coach class
2 rows of Business/First class seats
1 row of Lay flat seats
2 VIP seats
Bulkhead wall/box lid, carpet, 2 clamps
Available from Los Angeles or shoot at our facility in N. Hollywood, CA
Quantity available3 “Set in a Box” – Kit
19 “Kit” four-port hole wall units
Dimension7’w x 5’6″h x 6″d
SpecificationPassenger operated window shade
Rental cost$ 1,800.00/week
Optional* Side overhead bins, ceiling and center overhead bins are available as our “Kit” sets
Crate, wood on casters91″W x 80″H x 30″D
Gross weight480 lbs.
Location requirements
Landing site preparationWood stage floor or 6′ W x 7′ L x 1.5″ D plywood wood floor (a double layer of 4′ x 8′ x 0.75″ plywood screwed together (using 1-3/8″ screws, 12″ apart along the outer edge), one layer run off-set & perpendicular to the other, so as to not have the joints line up) and carpet.
Crew2 Grip/Carpenters
EquipmentPallet jack, liftgate or forklift. Straps required