Cargo / Jump Plane / Fuselage Set

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14-11 A Finished exterior
14-11 B Worn exterior
14-11 C Abandoned look

Cargo / Jump Plane / Fuselage Set: Four fuselage sections that can be used as a Cargo plane or Jump plane interior, or for an exterior shot.  Sections are cut above the floor and at the ceiling center-line. Three 10′-long side wall and one 5′-long doorway have a matching green interior. Exterior walls do not match. Each sections rides on a 10″-high caster deck.

Cargo / Jump Plane / Fuselage Set




14-11 Door
DescriptionFuselage section AFuselage section BFuselage section CFuselage section, Doorway
Dimensions6’8″w x 8’h x 10’d6’8″w x 8’h x 10’d6’8″w x 8’h x 10’d6’8″w x 8’h x 5’d
Cargo / Jump Plane / Fuselage Set - General Information
Included1 x Bench seat, wood
2 x Wall support
10′ Wall sections: 6’8″w x 10″h x 10’d caster deck
5′ Doorway section: 6’8″w x 10″h x 5’d caster deck
Available from Los Angeles or shoot at our facility in N. Hollywood, CA
Quantity available3 each, 10’-long wall
1 each, 5’-long doorway
Rental cost$ 750.00 each/week
Optional equipmentCockpit set – DC9
Bulkhead wall and Cockpit door or doorway
“Rolling” cabin set
Interior short-wall panels to finish the windows from the outside
Handling requirements
CrewForklift driver, 3 Grips / Carpenters
EquipmentStake bed / Flatbed truck / trailer
Forklift and straps