Cockpit Sets

Jet-age commercial cockpits circa 1960s to the present.  Cockpit size ranging from a small Learjet to the Jumbo jet, analogue or “glass” instrument panel cockpits with 2, 3, and 4 (observer) crew seats.   These are supervised sets that include an Aero Mock-Ups Technical Supervisor.

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13-3 747 - Wilded and wild


Cockpit – Learjet 60XR

P/n: 13-6

“Lear 60XR” cockpit – Light/Mid size jet “Glass” panel cockpit.

Cockpit – Lear 55

P/n: 13-5

“Lear 55” cockpit – Light/Mid size jet with analogue/dial type instrument panel.  This set does not include a Technical Supervisor.

Cockpit – DC9

P/n: 13-4

“DC9” cockpit – Narrow body analogue instrument panel and Flight Engineers station.

Miracle cockpit

Cockpit – Miracle

P/n: N13-1

New York-based, commercial jet “Miracle” Analogue/dial type instrument cockpit and Flight Engineers station.

13-2 707 Cockpit - Instrument panel lite

Cockpit – 707

P/n: 13-2

“707” (circa 1960) Airline cockpit with Flight Engineers station.

13-3-2 747 Glass Cockpit + FE station

Cockpit – 747, Glass

P/n: 13-3G

“747” cockpit – Wide body “Glass” instrument panel and Flight Engineers station.

13-3a-1 747 Analogue cockpit

Cockpit – 747, Analogue

P/n: 13-3A

“747” cockpit – Wide body “Analogue” instrument panel and Flight Engineers station.

13-7 NS Flight Deck on Deck - Front

Cockpit in a Box

P/n: 13-7

“Cockpit in a Box” – Commercial aircraft flight deck components.