Cockpit – 747, Glass

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P/n: 13-3G

“747” Cockpit, glass – Wide body commercial airline “Glass” (monitor type) front instrument panel and lit Flight Engineers station. Cockpit has three flight crew seats, Quick-don oxygen masks, microphone, bulkhead wall and cockpit door. The set comes in two parts (forward and aft sections) on 16.5”-high caster deck. This is a supervised set that includes an Aero Mock-Ups Technician.

Cockpit – 747, Glass
Part number13-3G
Set up timeAllow 1 hour to assemble
Strike timeAllow 1 hour to disassemble
Available fromLos Angeles or shoot at our facility in N. Hollywood, CA
Quantity available1
SpecificationsThree crew seats with 5-point harness, lit instrument panel, synchronized control yoke, functional levers, switches, Quick-don oxygen masks, microphone, cockpit door and bulkhead wall.
Dimensions15′-6″w x 8′-6″h x 13′-6″d
Optional equipmentObserver seat
Cockpit in a Box
Galley units
Lavatory cubicles
Cockpit doors
“Kit” cabin set
Location Requirements
CrewForklift driver and Teamsters to unload and reload the set as well as 2 Grip/Carpenters to set up and strike
Equipment7,000-lb capacity Forklift – Maximum 5-inch blade width or 7′-long extensions
Electrical120 VAC 20 A