Gate Information

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Gate information kiosks and wall-mounted gate information boards.

Gate Information Kiosks
Item number

DescriptionSingle gate information kiosk; three sides finished; mounted back-lit gels. Unit is mounted on casters.Twin/two gate information kiosk. Three sides finished. Removable airline logo/advertising crown. This unit is on casters.
Quantity available11
Included5 different gels41 slide-in city name inserts
DimensionsUnit: 6’w x 7’10”h x 18”d
Opening: 35.5”w x 21.5”h
Unit: 114”w x 97”h x 33”d
Crown Opening: 94”w x 10.5”h
Center slide insert: 21”h x 27”w
Side slide insert: 4”h x 25”w
Rental cost$ 500.00/week$ 100.00/week
Gate Information Boards
Item number
DescriptionGate information board. Wall mount with miscellaneous static city slide-in inserts. Departure and Arrival information separated by airline logo. 10 lines of slide-in information available.
Quantity available1
IncludedMiscellaneous slide-in city inserts
DimensionsUnit: 69.25”w x 22”h x 1.25”d
Center panel (airline logo): 23.5”w x 21.75”h
Short side inserts: 22.75”w x 2”h
Tall side inserts: 22.75”w x 4.5”h
Rental cost$ 160.00/week
Gate Information Kiosks & Boards - General Information
Available fromLos Angeles, CA
Handling and Location Requirements
Crew32-175: Two people
32-171: Three people
32-173: One person
EquipmentSuitable liftgate (32-175 and 32-171)
Straps and furniture pads
Electrical120VAC 20A (32-175 and 32-171)