Kit – 21’ long One side cabin interior width coach class seats, rear Galley and Flight Attendant jump seats

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P/n: LL 11-21

21’ long, “One side” cabin set. This set was on location for four weeks. We were not allowed to take photos of it. Ceiling was added. This is a supervised set which requires an Aero Mock-Ups Technical Supervisor.

Rolling – 20’ Long One Side with Cabin and Emergency Exit
Set up timeAllow 4 hours to assemble.
Strike timeAllow 2 hours to disassemble.
FOBLos Angeles
Avaliable154’ long (available in 7’ long increments)
RequirementsCrew: Forklift driver, three (3) Grip/Carpenters and Set dressers

Forklift: 5,000 pound capacity – Maximum blade width 5 inches.

Electrical: 20A 120VAC.

Landing site: Wood floor (a double layer of 4 x 8 x 0.75 plywood screwed together, one layer run off-set & perpendicular to the other, so as to not have the joints line up) and carpet.

Lighting: Wall wash lights and ceiling lights.