Jumbo wide body Kit cabin set

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“Jumbo wide” body interior that can accommodate either six (6) across First class seats or seven (7) across Business seats or nine (9) or ten (10) across coach class seats. This is a supervised set which requires an Aero Mock-Ups Technical Supervisor.

Choices of Appropriate
Included Set Dressings *

* Numbers and types of seats and set dressing dependent on size of set and availability.

Rolling – 20’ Long One Side with Cabin and Emergency Exit
FOBLos Angeles
Available56’ long (available in 7’ long increments)
RequirementsCrew: Forklift driver, four (4) Grip/Carpenters and Set dressers

Forklift: 5,000 pound capacity.

Electrical: 20A 120VAC.

Landing site: Wood floor (a double layer of 4 x 8 x 0.75 plywood screwed together, one layer run off-set & perpendicular to the other, so as to not have the joints line up) and carpet.

Lighting: Wall wash lights and ceiling lights.