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Airline Seats

 Aero Mock-Ups carries the largest inventory of ready-to-rent airline, executive jet, military and airport seats in the industry.  Over 50 styles to choose from, including the (functional) “Pod” seat.

 Seat inventory

Definition:  Port is referred to as the left side of the cabin when you are facing forward (easy to remember that port and left have 4 letters).  Starboard will be the right side as you face forward.


Airline seat options / cabin widths

Suitable seat options for our one aisle Narrow body sets

+ NB Seat choices


Suitable seat options for our two aisle Wide body sets

+ WB Seat choices


 Suitable seat options for our two aisle Extra Wide body and Jumbo wide sets.

+ EWB Seat Choices

Seat comparison chart with seat configurations and options.

Seats comparison chart

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