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Cabin Panels

Exterior Wall Panels:

Wall, Exterior – 3 Windows S2/S3


P/n: 34-36    Wall, Exterior – 3 Windows S2/S3

          Exterior 3-window wall.  Fits on our “Rolling S2 & S3” set or can be used (with inside window bezels – included) as a foreground fuselage to an interior cabin shot.  

FOB:                        Los Angeles, CA               

Available:                1

Rental cost:             $ 300.00/week

Dimension:              Wall                        56-1/4”w x 48” h x 3-1/2”d 

                                Crate                      62”w x 60-1/2” h x 11-1/4”d

                                Gross weight          160 pounds


Wall, Exterior – 2 Windows 

P/n: N34-85    Wall, Exterior – 2 Windows

          Exterior 2-window wall with interior window bezels and sun shades. 

FOB:                        Los Angeles, CA                       

Available:                1

Rental cost:             $ 200.00/week

Dimension:              Wall                        37”w x 66” h x 7”d   


Cargo/Jump plane/Fuselage set

14-11 A Fuselage (A) – 6 hole - exterior - Copy          14-11 A Fuselage (A) - 6 hole - interior

P/n: 14-11    Cargo/Jump plane/Fuselage set

          Fuselage, four (4) sections – Cargo/Jump plane interior or Exterior (cut above the floor and ceiling centerline): Three (3) 10′ long, One side, bare interior walls and one (1) 5′ long, One side, doorway. Exterior walls do not match – Interior walls match (Green aluminum oxide). On 10″ high caster deck.

Set up time              Four sections:         Allow 5 hours to assemble.

Strike time               Four sections:         Allow 2 hour to disassemble.

FOB:                        Los Angeles or shoot at our facility in N. Hollywood, CA.

Available:                10’ long wall            3

                                5’ doorway              1

Options:                  Suitable to work with Rolling set.

Rental cost:             Each section           $ 1,700.00/week

                                All four sections      $ 4,500.00/week

Optional:                  Bulkhead wall and door, interior wall panels with window bezels and seats. Forklift extensions.

Handling requirements:

Equipment:              Straps needed.

Crew:                       Forklift driver, two (2) Set dressers.

Equipment:              Suitable liftgate or forklift with extensions.


Interior wall panel:

Wall, side – Interior, 747-400 in crate

34-91 Wall, 747-400 in crate

P/n: 34-91    Wall, side – Interior, 747-400 in crate

Two-window interior wall panel, copied from a 747-400 

FOB:                        Los Angeles, CA               

Available:                 7

Rental cost:             $ 60.00/week

Dimension:              Wall                        39”w x 65-3/4” h x 9-1/4”d 

                                Crate                      44-3/8”w x 73-3/4” h x 18-1/4”d  


Wall, side – Interior, 747-200

(used in Air Force One mockups)

747-200 wall panel  747-200 wall panel  747-200 Wall Panel diagram  AF1 Corridor - Swing Vote

P/n: 34-37    Wall, side – Interior, 747-200

Two-window interior wall panel

FOB:                        Los Angeles, CA               

Available:                Two windows – 22
                                Left window only – 2
                                Right window only – 4

Rental cost:             $ 200.00 each/week

Dimension:              Wall                        39”w x 65” h x _”d 


We are still cataloguing our inventory of Narrow body and Wide body interior cabin walls.  If you do not find what you are looking for or you want more information on what we have, please Contact us or call us at (toll free) 888- Mock-Ups (662-5877) or at 818-982-7327 as we may just have it.

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