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Aero Mock-Ups, Inc.

Toll-free: 1+888-662-5877
Phone: 1+818-982-7327
Fax: 1+818-982-0122

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Aero Mock-Ups Facility – Los Angeles

Corporate Office
13126 Saticoy St, N. Hollywood, CA 91605
Tel: (818) 982-7327

Skyway Stage
Production Suite – Corporate Office
13126 Saticoy St

Airline Sets
Cockpits, “Rolling” Narrow body and Wide body
13118 Saticoy St

Executive Jet Sets
Lear 60, Rocky and LEJ
13124-B Saticoy St

13126 Saticoy St:

Proposed parking. Please check with Aero Mock-Ups for actual parking available.

Skyway Stage
2,200 Sq. ft.

Skyway Stage provides:

Wi-Fi controlled LED Green Screen backing 36’ wide x 9’6” high corner windows with eight pivot panels,

Complimentary LED lighting package,

Three high-profile arches with dimmable recessed lights,

Three double doors, one with Jetway entrance,

Two Restroom and a VIP entrance,

Carpeted wood floor and dimmable side wall wash lights.

Dressed as a Passenger Terminal, it can facilitate Check-in/Ticketing, TSA security, Boarding/Gate, Concessionary, Customs and Immigration areas. Appropriate Set Dressing included.

Please call for pricing.

Production Suite, Makeup Room, Wardrobe/Fitting Room

Production Suite (499 sq. ft. = 15′ x 28′)

Makeup room (150 sq. ft. = 15′ x 10′)

Wardrobe room (75 sq. ft. = 10’ 7 – 1/2” x 7’ 1”)

Production suite has a 10-place conference table, three recliners, and a 52” TV & DVD player.

Make-up room has two (2) rolling Makeup mirror and light stands, and two adjustable – height chairs.

Wardrobe/Fitting room is lined with Flight Crew, Flight Attendant uniforms, and accessories.

Includes wardrobe racks and garment steamer.

Production Suite, Makeup Room and Wardrobe/Fitting Room available for rent with or without Skyway Stage rental. Please call for pricing.



Other Amenities:

Two (2) Restrooms

Electrical use (240v, 3 phase, 200A) for A.C. Units (supplied by 3rd party vendor) = $35.00/hour

Printer/Scanner/Copier (Brothers MFC-240C) = $25.00/day

Photocopies = $0.10/page

13118 Saticoy St:

Proposed parking. Please check with Aero Mock-Ups for actual parking available.

Commercial Airline Sets

A 40’ long, one-aisle “Rolling” Narrow body airline cabin and a 50’ long, two-aisle Wide body set are ready for your production needs. Cockpits, Service Areas, Airline Seat selection and Set Dressing are all in close proximity.

Please call for pricing.

Other amenities:
Two (2) Restrooms.
Building power (120v, 200Amps with Edison outlets)

13124-B Saticoy St:

Executive Jet Sets

Choose from our Small “Lear 60”, Mid-Size “Rocky” and “G3”, or Large “LEJ” Executive jet mock-ups for your production use.

Customize your set with our large selection of Executive seats and tables.

Please call for pricing.

Other Amenities:
Two (2) Restrooms
Building power (120v, 200Amps with Edison outlets)


Mid axle trailers are not to exit through the Middle or East gates.

Parking is allocated to the building the Set is in and which Production has leased.

See site map.

Proposed parking. Please check with Aero Mock-Ups for actual parking available.

General site services

Complimentary MacTech LED lighting package (a $5,000/day value)

 Mac Tech Lighting 

Complimentary folding chairs (100), banquet tables (6 – 6ft; 4 – 8ft), and canopies

Forklift with operator
5,000-pound capacity

Trash collection

Public access Wi-Fi available in all buildings – No charge

Property access is for 12 hours/day.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Prices only apply to sets used at Aero Mock-Ups, No. Hollywood.

A location permit is required.
Inquire with Film LA at

Third Party Vendors and Parking Sites

Air Conditioning:

Studio Air
T: (818) 222-4143

La Brea Air
T: (310) 258-9100

Parking (by proximity to AMU):

McGalliard & McGalliard Partnership
On site 13124-A Saticoy St
T: (818) 983-1466
Ask for Robert McGalliard.
He has 5 parking spaces next to our West perimeter gate.

Munchyan Sisters Dance Studio
On site 13122 Saticoy St
T: (818) 933-1892
Ask for Alik.
He has the corner unit along West driveway.
Has 10 spaces.

Studio and Editorial Services
On site 13110-C Saticoy St
T: (818) 383-0273
Ask for Tim Connelly.
End unit down East driveway.
He has 11 parking spaces.

LA County DWP Tujunga Wash
13445 Saticoy St
T: (656) 458-3129 | F: (626) 576-7739
Ask for Eda Garcia, Permit Coordinator.
Lot is adjacent to Tujunga Wash, 0.4 miles west of AMU.
They need five days to approve use.
First day = $ 1,290.00
Additional days = $71.00/day.

Saticoy Elementary School
7850 Ethel Ave
T: (818) 765-0783
Ask for Larry Bye.
0.5 miles Northeast of AMU.
Available on weekends and School break.

Valley Plaza Recreation Center
7078 Whitsett Ave., North Hollywood, CA 91605
T: (323) 644-6220 – Film office
0.9 miles south of AMU.
For Parking:
Up to 15 vehicles: $100/day
16+ vehicles: $300/day
Monitor (required to open and close): min 4 hrs @ $38/hr
Report fee: $76
For Basecamp:
Monitor required all day: $38/hour
Report fee: $76

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