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Our customers know they can count on our first-rate products and services – which is why over 80 percent of our business comes from repeat clients.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about Aero Mock-Ups:  


“It’s been MY pleasure! I can’t remember the last time I’ve worked with such a nice / informative / patient vendor.  We’ll make sure you see your plane in action!
Thanks again.”

Fran Borden – Head of Production, O Positive Films – “The Atlantic” (commercial)


Working with Richard Chan and Aero Mock-Ups has been a pleasure.  During preproduction, Richard was extremely approachable, flexible and organized.  Working within the airplane set is a completely film-friendly atmosphere. and Richard is on hand at all times, eager to assist our crew.

My past experience working with Richard has been very positive.  We worked together on ‘Walker Texas Ranger’ and our Coordinator, Tammi Hailton had worked with him on ‘Baywatch LA’.  Both of us were pleased with Richard’s expertise.

I would highly recommend Aero Mock-Ups and Richard Chan to other Production Companies and will be looking forward to our next opportunity to work together.”

Larry M. Wagner, 1st Assistant Director – “Mister Sterling”


“The Aero Mock-Ups portion of our booth was really super. You guys came through with everything promised and the finished product looked great.  Anyway, it’s almost two weeks later and we’re still getting rave reviews.  I think we were really the big hit of the show.”
Lynne Ouellette, Coordinator, The Butcher Company – “Air Butcher’s Flight School”


“It was a big hit!! We appreciate all you did.  Our day is only successful because there are enthusiastic volunteers like you who are willing to share their knowledge and passion – and supplies with the next generation coming along.  It is wonderful to see how young people respond to someone like you who is interested in helping others.” 
Kay Armstrong, Director/Organizer, Armstrong and Associates – “Space Day at Longfellow Elementary, Riverside, CA”


 “Just wanted to thank you so much for all your help.  Thanks to you and your incredible props we were able to dress out my client’s ‘Airplane’-themed exhibit to a very impressive level.  I wanted you to know that we were awarded “Best of Show” by the show management for the exhibit that we used the airplane seats and miscellaneous props that we rented from you.  The authenticity and wide selection of props you have is fabulous and I am grateful that I found you.

Richard, your assistance with this project is greatly appreciated.  I realize that the time restraints that my client imposed on us made our task difficult, but thanks to all your efforts and your wonderful selection of airplane props we were a huge success.  The exhibit is now part of our rental inventory and I look forward to working with you in the future.

On behalf of my clients, my company as well as myself, I thank you again…”

Elizabeth Broglia, Business Development, The Effects Network. – “Outkast Clothing Company”


“From Jody, Me, all the art guys and RSA.  Thanks for the great set dressing and all your help!”

Stella Wong, RSA – “Nissan”


“You were able to provide us with a state-of-the-art, camera-ready airplane, fast, attentive service and your full cooperation. As our needs changed, you were able to accommodate us with no hassles. We will always look to Aero Mock-Ups first for our airplane and aviation needs.”

Richard L. Rohrer, Jr., Assistant Art Director, High Productions, Inc. – “Party of Five”


“We here at ‘Melrose Place’ want you to know what an enjoyable experience it was ‘flying’ and working with you and your great 727 mock-up. All your equipment and accessories worked, which is a rare find. To top it all off, your ability to bring the mock-up to us downtown on location in the Sheraton Grande was the ‘bees knees’…not to mention the tremendous cost savings we realized. I would highly recommend your service and aircraft to anyone who needs to ‘fly’ on the ground.” 

Harry V. Bing, Unit Production Manager – “Melrose Place”


“We were able to get wonderful looks on film, and your budgetary considerations on this project helped us afford BIG locations for a relatively small price. It’s not always that I come away from a shoot and have everything come out all right.”

John J. Grant, Location Manager, 23rd Street Productions – “Edie & Pen”


“[Owner] Richard Chan provided us with the best mock-up available and worked closely with us to match a specific plane shot on distant location.”
Alex Tavoularis, Art Director – “I Love Trouble”


“On a daytime soap opera like ‘General Hospital,’ our time is at a premium. Your wonderful selection of aircraft interiors combined with your extensive knowledge makes Aero Mock-Ups one-stop shopping!”

Jim Jones, Assistant Art Director – “General Hospital”


“When our client asked us to shoot a national spot utilizing a cast of thirty over a two-day period on a small sound stage here in Connecticut, and keep our production costs reasonable, we found ourselves scrambling to make it happen. Then we found Aero Mock-Ups. You delivered on every promise you made and truly helped us deliver a memorable product. Our business is to make the ‘surreal look real.’ You made our job a whole lot easier.”

Steve Shaw, President – Visual Concepts Media


“On behalf of our production, we all thank you for your efficiency and manners.  It is a pleasure doing business with you, Richard.
Shannon Sansaricq, Construction Accountant – “Holiday”


“Aero Mock-Ups is a one stop shop. I pick up the phone, tell them what I need and have no worries that this top-notch team can accommodate all my specific production needs. Aero Mock–Ups provides service and dependability like no other mock–up provider.”

Steve Monroe, Construction Coordinator – “Frasier”, “Cheers”, “The New Bob”, “Wings”


“Thank you so much for the shooting in Thailand. I really wanted to communicate with guys more but there isn’t much time and too bad I couldn’t express better because of my poor English.

I guess you guys might be surprised during the shooting that we couldn’t even afford to serve snacks due to our cheap production. But I want you to know that this production actually doesn’t have any experiences shooting abroad however there are lots of other Japanese productions that are making films internationally.

But then, the airplane panic scene for this shooting is actually taken for the first time in the Japanese film history and I think this was a great challenge.

From now on, I believe that your sets will be getting more demands from other Japanese films.  It is always a pleasure doing business with you.  Keep in touch!

Yoshihito Akatsuka, Art Director –  “L”


“Thanks again for all your generosity in allowing us to shoot on y’all’s set for our little short.  The footage looks fantastic, and it’s mostly because of how good the set looks and how quickly Jay and Danny moved things around to accommodate us.  Tell them I say thanks as well.”

Chris Peckover, Producer – “Lost and Found”


“Thanks for supplying our Feature Film, “Mem-(o)-re” with a quality simulated Business Class aircraft cabin. Given our tight shooting schedule we really appreciate that the unit arrived when you said it would, was unloaded, assembled, cleaned, lit and ready to shoot, all in less than 6 hours. I appreciate the short set up time and the “all in one” aspect where the aircraft interior arrives on set virtually dressed, lit and camera ready. Your pricing structure is very competitive and the service great.

p.s. I still catch reruns of the “Outer Limits” episode “Decompression”.  The aircraft interior stands the test of time. Thanks again, Richard.

Steve Geaghan, Production Designer – “Mem-(o)-re” and “Outer Limits”


“On behalf of John B. (Baumgartner) and myself, thank you again for your efforts, high morale and dedication over the weekend to help us realize the scene for Midnight Sun. The level of professionalism, skill and talent that everyone lent to this exercise was very impressive, and for it we’re deeply appreciative.  We feel this scene is a crucial element to our putting together the feature.  We couldn’t have done it without you and we certainly won’t forget it.

Here’s to our paths crossing again in the very near future.  All the best,”

John Ferraro, Producer – “Midnight Sun”


Your airline interior (“Spirit”) is the Cadillac of airline mock-ups.”

Captain Gary A. Diska, Director, Flight Standards & Training – Midwest Express Airlines


“The client was very pleased and amazed at how we had “color coordinated” the inside of the plane to the catalog sheet!”

 Cate Shaffer-Shelby, President, – AdWorld Advertising Agency, Inc.


“On behalf of Traveling Light Media, thank you so much for the endless energy, hospitality, and support you gave me and my crew. Because of the wonderfulness of Aero Mock-Ups and you kindness, professionalism, and efficiency, Traveling Light Media and I have some of the best recreations we have ever done.

I daresay the History Channel will not quite believe how incredible their show ends up looking, and that is a good thing. I look forward to contacting you again for our John Travolta Air Television Special.

Once again, you are a gentleman, and I might add no one flicks the altimeter switch quite like you, Richard.”

Adam Friedman, President & CEO – Traveling Light Media


“Richard – that was a phenomenal party! You did such a great job! Thanks so much for including us – we had a great time!!!!  Hope to see you both soon!”

Deborah J. La Franchi


“Terrific party! And what a turnout.  I was mightily impressed with your operation.  You must have the world’s greatest collection of aircraft seats.  And other items.  Thanks for inviting us and we look forward to seeing you in the future. 
As ever, ”

Gil Lasky


“You must be exhausted!  Thank you for a fabulous time at your wonderful party!  We had a terrific time, as did everyone else.  What fun it was to see people I had not seen in years!  And Richard, Aero Mockups is awesome!!  Gil and I were both SO impressed!  You deserve great and continued success. 

I’m delighted you enjoyed the roast and toast, …It was my honor to create this, and thank you to Richard and all the others whose input enabled it to come to fruition.”

Ronni Lasky


“I just wanted to drop a line to let you know both of us had a great time at the birthday party even if we couldn’t stay long.  What a great venue for a party!!!  It was also so nice seeing you both and all those others we haven’t seen in a while.  Thanks so much for including us!!!”

Sheri A. Lesser – Sharyn’s Birthday Party


“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your assistance you provided to us on the Miramax feature “View From The Top.”  As you will no doubt remember (perhaps the way people who survived the Hindenburg explosion remember it) filming our show involved five passenger plane mockups, none of them in standard configurations.  Some of them called for extensive improvisation and custom construction.

This situation was complicated by a production staff that had a lot of trouble making timely decisions and sticking to them.  I was very pleased with the way you worked with us through all of this. The results were uniformly excellent, and the company was very happy with the results.

Thanks for all of the cooperation.  As a result of this experience, I am sure we will be working together again.

Carl Stensel, Assistant Art Director – “View From The Top”


The plane looked fabulous! It was perfect. Danny was such a big help.  Thank so much to you both for such excellent service. I can’t wait to see the scenes after post.  It was a pleasure doing business with you and your crew.

Suzette Ervin, Production Designer – “Good Luck Charlie” – Disney Channel

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