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 “Rolling” Airline Cabin Set

“Rolling” airline sets are fully practical cabin interiors on their own rolling platforms (10″ high deck).  Each section is one side of the cabin (with 1/2 an aisle) 10′ long.  Floor, wall and overhead bins are one unit.  Multiple wall units and flooring are available for you to select the width and length of set that will work best for your scene. 

Each wall section has color corrected (Kino 2900) wall-wash lights, functional incandescent passenger reading lights, illuminated flight attendant call buttons, illuminated fasten seat belt and no smoking signs, and deployable oxygen masks and window shades. 

Each 10′ length of cabin allows for 3.5 rows of Coach/Economy class seats or 2.5 rows of Business/First class seats.  The equipment can be set up as a “One side” cabin, or one (1) aisle “Commuter wide” (up to 4 coach seats across and one aisle) cabin, or one (1) aisle “Narrow body” (up to 6 coach seats across) cabin, or as a two (2) aisle “Wide body” (with up to 7 coach seats across), or as a two (2) aisle “Extra wide body” (with up to 8 coach seats across), or as a two (2) aisle “Jumbo wide body” (with up to 10 across coach class seats).  The set comes with a complement of Seats.  Set appropriate Set Dressing included with rental. 

Production value is added with Service Areas that can be placed in the front, middle or end of any width “Rolling” set.  Complete galley units (units differ in equipment offered), practical or plug doors, lavatory units and Flight attendant station (except S2 service area) are available.  Additional Cockpit, Service Areas, Doors and Walls are optional.

As a “Narrow body”, ceilings have color corrected (Kino 2900) florescent tubes and as a wide body the center overhead bins have (MR16) reading lights.  “Wide body” ceiling wash lights are not provided. 

These are supervised sets that will require an Aero Mock-Ups Technical Supervisor at all times.

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