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 “Kit” Airline Cabin Set

The “Kit” set is a fresh approach to Hollywood’s needs.  This set was designed to meet today’s challenges where versatility, cost and transportability are key to whether the set stays in the script of not. Our solution to the problem is the “Kit” airline set.  Its rental cost is at least 40% less than our Rolling sets on a weekly rental, and due to its ingenious design, this set will save your production up to 60% in transportation costs.  It was designed to fit into your budget while giving the director more flexibility and greater camera access.

Kit - Wild out wall + bin

Show: Diablo Cody Project 2012, New Orleans (Feature)

 P/n: LL 11-22 NB    “Kit” – Wild out wall

           Cabin wall and overhead bin removed for camera, dolly and track.  More versatile than the Rolling set, the “Kit” set can wild out portions of the cabin that were not possible before.  Wall panels, overhead bins and ceilings can be removed (with minimal preparation and planning). 

“Kit” sets are fully practical airline cabin interiors that come disassembled.  Each “Kit” consists of cabin walls, overhead bins with functional incandescent passenger reading lights, illuminated Flight attendant call buttons, illuminated fasten seat belt and no smoking signs, deployable oxygen masks, window shades and ceiling. Multiple “Kit” units are available, allowing you to select the width and length of set that will work best for you.  These are supervised sets that will require an Aero Mock-Ups Technical Supervisor at all times.

“Kit” cabin come in 7 feet long sections.  Cabin width comes as either a “One side” cabin set (with up to 3 across Coach class seats, or a one aisle “Narrow body” (with up to 6 across Coach class seats) or as a two aisle “Wide body” (with up to 7 across Coach class seats) or as a two (2) aisle “Extra Wide body” (with up to 8 across Coach class seats) or as a two aisle “Jumbo” body (with up to 10 across Coach class seating.  Each set comes with a complement of seats.  Set appropriate Set Dressing included with rental. 

With the largest inventory of Studio-ready airline equipment available, you can create your own optional service areas out of our collection of Miscellaneous Sets to find Galley units, Lavatory cubicles, Doors and walls.  These areas can be placed in the front, middle or end of any width “Kit” set.

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